Do Foreign Countries Have an Adoption Tax Credit?

The adoption tax credit is a bright spot in the financial burden that adoption can be. This credit allows you to claim adoption-related expenses on your taxes. This credit is not a refund, but it does count towards your overall tax liability. Qualifying adoption expenses can range anywhere from adoption agency fees, birth parent expenses, food, travel, etc. While the United States has had this credit for some time, there are also some countries that have similar programs—though few. Here are a few of programs available from some of our closest allies: Canada and Sweden.

Our northern neighbor, Canada, is one country that does offer a tax credit almost identical to that of the United States. Their credit also has its own guidelines and will vary based on the type of adoption. According to Canada’s official website for their government entities, adoption in Canada will allow for a tax credit that will substantially help during tax time! The website states, “As a parent, you can claim an amount for eligible adoption expenses related to the adoption of a child who is under 18 years of age. The maximum claim for each child is $15,670. You can only claim these incurred expenses in the tax year including the end of the adoption period for the child.” 

On the opposite hand, Sweden does not have a tax credit available; however, ALL children who are born or adopted to Swedish parents are eligible for some quite generous benefits! According to Adoption Scentrum, “Once the adoption process has been completed, the child acquires the same rights as if it had been born in the family. Adoptive families are therefore entitled to the same social benefits as other families. They are allowed to stay at home with the child and be financially compensated for 16 months. Parents can get this benefit starting from the day the child is placed into their care. Single adoptive parents can get a single parent allowance. When adopting from another country through an authorized adoption organization, you are entitled to an adoption allowance.

“All families in Sweden get a child allowance for children up to 16 years of age, which can be prolonged up to 20 years of age if the child studies. Furthermore, all children in Sweden have the right to free public education, including university level. School lunches are provided free of charge up to high school level. Healthcare and dental care are also free of charge for children, and medicines are subsidized. Parents are entitled to temporary parental benefits when caring for a sick child.”

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